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Ice Lube Cooling Lubricant

Ice Lube Cooling Lubricant - ICE LUBE The first intimate cosmetic with a sensual rich feel and cool creamy touch.

  • Gives a rich, creamy glide when applied to intimate areas
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Can be used as a massage oil

An intimate product for women, Ice Lube not only has a rich, creamy feel but when applied on intimate areas helps stimulate excitement…

Intimate cooling cream to enhance comfort and intimacy

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Ice Lube Cooling Lubricant
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Ice Lube Cooling Lubricant

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     ICE LUBE - Intimate Cooling Cream 1 Jar(30ml) £19.99
The cream is water-based and provides lubrication like other lubricants available, but Ice Lube is also richly moisturising and releases a cool arctic scent when the skin heats up. Use Ice Lube on intimate areas for more comfort and intimacy.  Indulge in its rich creamy feel and intense glide when applied to the skin.
  • It cools as you get hotter.
  • Use Ice Lube on intimate areas as a cooling massaging cream for more comfort and intimacy.
  • Indulge in its rich creamy feel when treated to a cooling massage.
  • Ice Lube has active skin ingredients which moisturize like a lotion and stimulate excitement when applied on intimate areas.
  • Arctic Sensation Fragrance.

Ice Lube has active skin ingredients and moisturizes like a lotion.  But also Ice Lube stimulates excitement when applied on intimate areas. 

A few highlights: 
• Moisturizes
Ice Lube is noted for its rich moisturizing attributes and contains ingredients which have long proved their benefits for skincare. In fact Ice Lube is skin treatment which dates back to the ancient beauties like Cleopatra. The milky white cream of Ice Lube contains active anti-aging ingredients, improving skin texture and rejuvenating it. Ice Lube furthermore has a natural soft rich creamy feel lovely to also bathe intimate areas in and optimal for intimate lubrification.

• Comfort and Intimacy 
Besides its skin softening capabilities Ice Lube is water based to have a natural glide and was originally designed to feel like a woman's own natural moist. When using Ice Lube as a cosmetic Ice Lube it also offers a relax moment. A woman can indulge in its rich creamy feel and sexy sensation to start off her day. 

• Stimulate excitement
Also Ice Lubes oily properties allows you to treat your partner to erotic massages. Making it the ultimate exciting experience, because the cream cools when the skin becomes hotter, and offers some tingling sensation when applied on intimate areas.

• Arctic Sensation 
Get a fresh smell in the effect. Ice Lube spreads a refreshing scent and fills the room with a cooling arctic breeze sensation.

• Pharmaceutical quality
Controlled with full pharmaceutical GMP's, qualitative and quantative analysis of the constituents. 
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