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CP - Pheromones - Adventure Human Pheromones.

CP Pheromones is a scent product containing a highly concentrated mixture of human pheromones, designed to make those who wear it more attractive to women.

  • More eye contact, interest, and smiles from females of all ages
  • Increased sex appeal
  • Increased dates and opportunities for sex
  • Reinvigoration of your present relationship
  • More passionate sex
  • A positive, relaxing effect on those around you
  • Being approached by women more often
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Pheromones - Adventure Human Pheromones.
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CP Pheromones for Men & women

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     1 Bottle (For men) £24.99
     2 Bottles Plus 1 Free! (For men) [3 FOR 2 OFFER!] 3 FOR 2 Offer! £44.99
     1 Bottle (For Women) £24.99
     2 Bottles Plus 1 Free! (For Women) [3 FOR 2 OFFER!] 3 FOR 2 Offer! £44.99
CP Pheromones for Women CP Pheromones® is a commercial product that contains a highly concentrated mixture of synthesized human pheromones from the world's leading scientific laboratories into a base of minerals, water, and alcohol. CP Pheromones® is manufactured under the strictest quality and purity control in laboratory conditions. We then package it in discreet bottles and store it in temperature- and humidity-controlled facilities until we receive your orde

How Should you use CP Pheromones®?
CP Pheromones® is a scented pheromones cologne ,and to be used in the same manner as other colognes. It is most recommended that you apply it on key body hot spots (as shown in the pictures), for optimal results. You may choose one or two of the described methods shown on the pictures, however, is highly recommended that you do not use more then 2 or 3 sprays at one use.

The powerful effects of sex pheromones have been well substantiated. You may have seen stories about human pheromones on CNN, 20/20, Dateline NBC, Hard Copy, MTV, or many other television programs. Newspapers from all over the world, medical journals, and many different magazines have featured stories about the discovery of pheromones

Animals use Pheromones to Communicate, but do Humans?: Aug 28, (WebMD)
Love Is All in Your Head -- Or Is It in Your Genes?: Feb 14, (WebMD)

Testimonials for CP Pheromones®

"I've always been nervous about approaching girls. They scared me and they knew it. They'd act like I wasn't even there. Since I've been using CP Pheromones, they've been making the first move. "
- Vince, Leeds

"I hadn't been on a real date in over two years. A couple of days after I began using CP Pheromones, a cute girl started talking to me when I was standing in line at the post office. I'm not dateless anymore."
- L.J., Suffolk

"My GF was an absolute tigress the first night I wore CP Pheromones to bed!"
- Will. Cheshire

"Sex in a bottle. That's what CP Pheromones is."
- Clark, aberdeen
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