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2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream

2Seduce Intimate Stimulant Cream is designed to help women combat their diminished sex drive but is also suitable for women who enjoy sex but want to further enhance their pleasure.

  • Light, non-sticky formula, easy to apply (pump dispenser)
  • Blend of herbal aphrodisiacs¬†that enhance desire and amplify pleasure
  • Creates an immediate tingling effect and warms the genitals
  • Increasing sensitivity
  • All Natural Ingredients
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2 Seduce™ Intimate Sensual Cream
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2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream

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     2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream 1 Jar (50ml) £19.99
     2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream 2 Jars (50ml) £34.99
     2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream 3 Jars (50ml) £44.99
2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream has experience with female sexuality and knows what women like. 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream warms you up! Experience your intimate area become nicely sensitive directly after applying the cream. Your lust for sex will increase immediately! It tingles delightfully and you will enjoy sex more. 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream is rich in erotic substances with a skin caressing and sensual effect.
    • 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream warms you up and gives you instant arousal!
    • Experience your genitals become nicely sensitive directly after applying the cream.
    • Your desire will increase immediately! It tingles delightful and you will enjoy more pleasure.
    • Pump Dispenser for easy application.
    • Safe & Effective - 100% Natural Ingredients

What is Virginia Gel?
Virginia Gel is a specially designed gel that works to stimulate and firm the elasticity of your vaginal walls. It is absorbed through the epidermal layer of your skin to aid increased vaginal contraction and to restore your skin structures and supports. This helps to combat the bodily stresses of childbirth and menopause. Virginia Gel can also aid and facilitate better sexual intercourse by stimulating your vaginas own lubricant. This helps to increase and heighten your sexual pleasure and levels of gratification, as well as your partner’s.

How does 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream Work?
2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream can start working almost immediately after applying to your outer vaginal area. Many of our customers have noted that gradually over time with consistent use, it helped them restore their libido.

How do I use it?
Simply apply the cream to the outside of your vagina (do not use internally), around the area surrounding the opening. Massage the cream in gently until it has been absorbed by your skin.

Are there any side effects?
This is safe and effective to use, because it’s water based, and is made from all natural ingredients. But It is still advised that you check the ingredients in the cream before applying to your intimate parts. This can help you to avoid any preventable reactions. Please consult with a doctor if you are currently taking any prescription medications.

What are the Ingredients?

The main ingredients are:

  • Aloe Vera – has a softening, soothing and moisturising effect.
  • Panax Ginseng - has been shown to increase sexual libido.
  • Ginkgo Biolba - can improve your blood circulation, which aids better sexual stimulation.
Aqua, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl, alcohol, cetyl palmitate, cocoglycerides, oleum oryzae, calendula oil, ceteareth 20, octyl stearate, bityrospermum prakii, ceteareth 12, tocopherol, menthol, methylchloroisothiazolinone and citric acid.
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